Database Performance Issues in Production For many software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Web-enabled businesses, database performance issues in production can cause a steady, relentless drain in business performance. Impact on Business Performance Performance issues in production can cause a range of problems, including delays in customer service, timeouts in critical processes, and damaged business relationships. It is

Unlocking the Power of OpenAI

Optimizing Database Performance with OpenAI: Empowering Database Users** Introduction In today’s data-driven world, optimizing database performance is crucial for businesses to ensure seamless operations and deliver exceptional user experiences. OpenAI, a pioneering technology company, is revolutionizing the database landscape by empowering database users with advanced tools and capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore

Need Better Observability For Performance Issues?

Need Better Observability For Performance Issues? Are you seeking improved observability for performance issues? Look no further. Devaten will help you in pinpointing the application source code that’s causing performance issues. The challenge Most software companies we come across deal with slow application performance on a day-to-day basis, and the most important need for them

Database Performance Issues – Too Many Database Calls

Struggling with database performance issues – Too many database calls Reference – Swiss ComputerworldImpact -The problem we see the most are too many database queries per request/transaction. There are 3 specific phenomena to witness More data is requested is than actually required in the context of the current transaction, e.g.: requesting all account information instead

How to use JMeter with Devaten

How to use JMeter with Devaten JMeter JMeter is a Java-based desktop application that can be used for performance testing of different kinds of client-server applications like websites, web services, databases, FTP servers, etc. It is an open-source tool provided by Apache with no licensing cost. How to call web services of your application in

Devaten wins coveted European Patent

Devaten wins coveted European Patent We are excited to share a proud moment coming Devaten’s way from the European Patent Office (EPO). Devaten’s method and system for managing the performance of use cases in software applications have won the European patent in respect of the invention. Sharing his reaction about the achievement, Mikko Larkela, Founder

How To Integrate Devaten With Selenium

How To Integrate Devaten With Selenium Selenium Integration The Selenium integration allows customers to run their Selenium test automation scripts on real browsers in the Perfecto-secured and enterprise-grade testing cloud.Create your Selenium tests in any supported language and any supported test framework. Prerequisites : Use the following link to get the selenium script https://github.com/Devaten/Devaten_selenium_script Selenium-TestNg Testsuite

How To Solve Keptn Issues

How To Solve Keptn Issues How To Solve Keptn Issues The Devaten-service is a Keptn service that is responsible for collecting database statistics performed while test sequence executed using Devaten endpoints. We are going to install the service in the same cluster that Keptn is running in. Checkout also the installation option for Keptn on K3s. Installation Before Devaten-service installation there

How to use ETL and batch with Devaten

ETL Performance ETL vendors benchmark their record systems at multiple TB (terabytes) per hour (or ~1 GB per second) using powerful servers with multiple CPUs, multiple hard drives, multiple gigabit-network connections, and much memory. In real life, the slowest part of an ETL process usually occurs in the database load phase. Databases may perform slowly

SSL Certificate Issue And How to Solve It

Want to Secure domain name with SSL Certificate ? 1. Generate SSL Certificate Using Third Party Vendor. If we are hosted our application on a self-managed server (Self-hosted server) then we need to purchase the SSL certificate from a trusted third-party vendor.In this example we have purchased the certificate from SSL2BUY, here we have multiple options

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