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Elevate Your Database Performance with Devaten's AI-Powered Capabilities.

At Devaten, we revolutionize how you approach database management, unleashing the combined power of OpenAI and cutting-edge technology to elevate your database performance to new heights. Say farewell to conventional methods and embrace a transformative way of scripting, automating, and optimizing your database actions for peak efficiency.

Key Features:

Why Devaten?

Devaten tool offers the capability to initiate and terminate recordings through HTTP calls, enabling automation in monitoring. This functionality allows integration with various tools like Control-M, curl & cron, or any other tool capable of executing HTTP calls.”

Cutting-Edge Technology

We harness the latest advancements in AI to bring you unparalleled insights and solutions for optimal database performance.

Efficiency Redefined

Streamline your processes, reduce downtime, and release better, faster, and more affordable solutions in record time.

AI-Driven Analytics

Let our system analyze SQL queries, proactively identifying and resolving potential issues, ensuring a seamless experience for developers and users a like.

Boosting DB Performance with AI Strength

Devaten can enhance performance, automate optimization, and proactively prevent database issues, reducing costs and ensuring efficient operations for large established companies.
Clients benefit from our product through enhanced database performance and streamlined operations. Our solution optimizes efficiency, saving time and resources.
Clients using our solution on a pilot basis, managing over 700 databases, experience significant time savings. Automating findings and analyzing data with AI streamlines their operations efficiently.
Devaten promotes responsible consumption and production through AI-driven database optimization. By minimizing resource usage and improving efficiency, we contribute to sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Why Partner with Devaten


Cutting-Edge Technology

We leverage the latest in AI to provide unparalleled insights into database performance.

Seamless Integration

Our tool seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

Potential Impact

We leverage the latest in AI to provide unparalleled insights into database performance.

Time and Cost Savings

Devaten streamlines database management, reducing the time and costs associated with performance issues.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Deliver optimal database performance to clients, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Empower Your Database Performance with Devaten

Revolutionize how you handle database actions using the transformative power of OpenAI. From storing and analyzing scripts to automated issue detection, Devaten streamlines the way you optimize database performance. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace a new era of efficiency.
Key Features:
Established in 2013 as a software consultancy company, Devaten has worked with finance and healthcare businesses to enhance their software development projects. Taking its offerings to the next level, Devaten built a leading use case-based database application monitoring tool, with a unique approach to performance improvement early during software development. Headquartered in Turku, Finland.

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