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Devaten is implementing new dashboard to view results by test case and compare  results to previous test and much more…. Whit this new tool we can catch performance issues early in development phase and save a lot in costs by finding issues before they come issue.

When app performance measurement is done as part of automation testing, There is interesting and useful results.

Results by testcase :

• SQL statements performed during the each test
• Separately divided, select, insert, delete, update quantities
• The number of rows read, lock waiting time, CPU usage and many more metrics.



Check below video demo with MSSQL ! (also with DB2 available) We are searching now possible Pilot customers who like to take application for free testing Thanks!

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Analysis and performance improvements, Establish the cross-application data standards and tuning strategies.


Develop strategies for ETLs, data migrations, data recovery and infinite data availability.
Overall responsibility for the quality of the data systems and databases.


Database analysis, design, and build effort. Ensure that the data storage solution fulfils the requirements, including data volume, frequency needs, and data growth.


Analysis and performance improvements, Develop strategies for ETLs and data migrations.


Installed performance metrics tool to follow usecase specific performance.

ATR Soft Oy

Main responsible of large data migration and db2 consulting. Installed performance metrics tool to follow usecase specific performance.