Need Better Observability For Performance Issues?​

Are you seeking improved observability for performance issues? Look no further. Devaten will help you in pinpointing the application source code that’s causing performance issues.

The challenge

Most software companies we come across deal with slow application performance on a day-to-day basis, and the most important need for them is to identify the code causing this slowness. Most Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools are focused on overall monitoring. They can identify a slow query on the database server however, struggle to identify the exact application source code which invokes the slow query.

And, pure database monitoring tools cater to the overall database health and performance. There is no information provided on which use case or application function is generating load on the database server.

Devaten has just the solution for you –

The Devaten tool provides a new feature, ‘Query Comment’, which combines APM tool code trace and database monitoring tool DB side metrics with visualization using Grafana. This is a very useful feature for both DBAs and developers, enabling them to quickly correlate slow performance with source code and giving insights into database performance. This provides observability to application developers and helps them to quickly troubleshoot issues.

It gives self-service, detailed monitoring, and diagnostic information that goes beyond detection to help you to discover the root cause of performance problems. It provides deeper observability insights into the state of your applications all the way to your database server. The Query Comment feature currently supports Java, Python and .Net.

Established in 2013 as a software consultancy company, Devaten has worked with finance and healthcare businesses to enhance their software development projects. Taking its offerings to the next level, Devaten built a leading use case-based database application monitoring tool, with a unique approach to performance improvement early during software development. Headquartered in Turku, Finland.

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