Database Performance Monitoring

Database Performance

Over 50 percent of performance issues are caused by errors or inefficiencies in the code of the database. Devaten’s use case-based Database Monitoring is fully integrated with DevOps and JIRA. 

It automatically captures metrics for your business use cases and spots issues early using customized dashboards.

Use Case Performance Monitoring

Automatically monitor business use cases in real time on key performance metrics including full integration with test automation tools JMeter, Loadrunner. Expedite root cause analysis & resolution allowing you to focus on your core business.

Insightful Dashboards​

Devaten provides insightful dashboards to monitor database health for business use cases and allows to build custom dashboards to track metrics, and highlights any deviation from baseline performance before and after release.

Automated Alerting

Devaten includes powerful, customizable alerting system to notify appropriate stakeholders about identified issues in the code affecting database performance using dashboards & graphical representation.

Multi-Vendor Database Support

Relational databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Db2, MariaDB Cloud databases such as AWS Aurora, Azure SQL database, and Oracle autonomous database.

Seamless Deployment & Integration

You can install Devaten On Premise or on cloud. Also available as a SaaS platform with web based user interface or using APIs integrate with your own dashboard applications.

Designed For Agile & DevOps

Best-in-class application use case performance monitoring tool for Agile and DevOps. Bring the culture of considering NFR from the start. Establish performance diagnostics at the use case level.

Know Devaten

Better, faster and more affordable database applications
With its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Finnish startup Devaten (erstwhile mySuperMon) takes a novel and unique approach to improving database application performance early during software development.
The solution was cooked up when this business idea was brought to Turku Business Region’s Business Up startup accelerator programme in 2018. The aim was to commercialize a set of tools and technologies that had been developed since Devaten set out to advise software application developers a few years prior.
Unlike most testing tools, rather than benchmarking overall database performance during set periods of time, Devaten looks at specific use cases.
It analyzes and stores performance metrics from all executed test use cases and shows them on a dashboard for each case.
If there is a difference compared to the baseline execution, an alarm is raised. Devaten also shows a performance history of different test use cases and provides data to assist in analysis and performance improvements for the application under development.
Established in 2013 as a software consultancy company, Devaten has worked with finance and healthcare businesses to enhance their software development projects. Taking its offerings to the next level, Devaten built a leading use case-based database application monitoring tool, with a unique approach to performance improvement early during software development. Headquartered in Turku, Finland.

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