Are too many database calls reducing your application performance?

Struggling with database performance issues - Too many database calls

Reference – Swiss Computerworld


The problem we see the most are too many database queries per request/transaction. There are 3 specific phenomena to witness

More data is requested is than actually required in the context of the current transaction, e.g.: requesting all account information instead of those that we need to display on the current screen.

The same data is requested multiple times. This usually happens when different components involved in the same transaction act independently from one another and each requests the same set of data. It is unknown what type of data has already been loaded in the current context so we end up with the same queries multiple times.

Multiple queries are executed to retrieve a certain set of data. This is often a result of not taking full advantage of complex SQL statements or stored procedures to retrieve the data in one batch.

Devaten has a solution for you –

The top Performance problem faced by customers today is application slowness. One of the biggest issues is “Too Many Database Calls” as articulated in the recent edition of the Swiss Computerworld Magazine

Having issues with your application performance? Too many database calls? Not sure what is causing slowness?

Look no further… Use Devaten. We can help you troubleshoot the issues quickly and efficiently.

We offer Use case-based Database Monitoring and can identify errors or inefficiencies in the code of the database. All you need to do is

  1. Integrate Devaten with your test suite via REST API calls.
  2. Record a baseline for each use case
  3. If database calls increase, you will receive notifications
  4. Check results from the report/dashboard

Devaten will identify which query is executing those calls. It will also show which queries are executed multiple times. You can assess if this can be included in the application cache instead to speed up your application.

Check our tool.

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