How To Integrate Devaten With Selenium

How To Integrate Devaten With Selenium Selenium Integration The Selenium integration allows customers to run their Selenium test automation scripts on real browsers in the Perfecto-secured and enterprise-grade testing cloud.Create your Selenium tests in any supported language and any supported test framework. Prerequisites : Use the following link to get the selenium script Selenium-TestNg Testsuite

How To Solve Keptn Issues

How To Solve Keptn Issues How To Solve Keptn Issues The Devaten-service is a Keptn service that is responsible for collecting database statistics performed while test sequence executed using Devaten endpoints. We are going to install the service in the same cluster that Keptn is running in. Checkout also the installation option for Keptn on K3s. Installation Before Devaten-service installation there

How to use ETL and batch with Devaten

ETL Performance ETL vendors benchmark their record systems at multiple TB (terabytes) per hour (or ~1 GB per second) using powerful servers with multiple CPUs, multiple hard drives, multiple gigabit-network connections, and much memory. In real life, the slowest part of an ETL process usually occurs in the database load phase. Databases may perform slowly

SSL Certificate Issue And How to Solve It

Want to Secure domain name with SSL Certificate ? 1. Generate SSL Certificate Using Third Party Vendor. If we are hosted our application on a self-managed server (Self-hosted server) then we need to purchase the SSL certificate from a trusted third-party vendor.In this example we have purchased the certificate from SSL2BUY, here we have multiple options

Devaten Piloted Experience

Devaten Piloted Experience Devaten has helped large companies solve performance problems. Often the problem has been, for example, bad SQL statements that read a lot of lines from the database, or another common problem is that data is retrieved from the database, for example by iterating through deep lists and executing hundreds of SQL statements.