Product Tour

Application Management

Provides instance which user wants to analyze the performance for the application.

  • Provides you to select multiple databases like MSSQl, PostgreSQL, DB2, MySQL, MariaDB.
  • Connection list with all database will be shown with there details.

Devaten Dashboard

Welcome to Devaten Dashboard, Here you can find all the database use-case specific statistics, database information and lot more.

  • Host URL.
  • Databases and Schema’s.
  • Dashboard Statistics Table.
  • Usecase Details Table.

Usecase History


Users can see up to 7 latest executed use cases history. The proper timestamp of the executed use case is displayed on that table.

  • History of all same usescases and multiple usecases.
  • Indexing.
  • Comparison with old usecase

Graph Page

The graph has the last 7 execution timestamp for the requested use case id. Every bar is clickable. The graph legends are visible on hover.

  • Graph of use-case.
  • Graph Comparision.
  • Multiple Tables.
  • Multiple Selection Comparision.

SQL Details page

The Query plan related information on Details Information Page.

  • SQL statement.
  • Statement State Options.
  • Query Plan.
  • Memory Grant Info.

Alert Page

User can have all use-case history data with criteria column configuration functionality.

  • Alert Configuration.
  • Alert History.
  • Table selection.
  • Set criteria.

Add Baseline


Using baseline users can set a baseline for comparing results.When the user sets the baseline then instead of comparing it with the previous one it compares with baseline the use-case.

  • Add Baseline.
  • Set start date and time of usecase recording.
  • Set date and time for end of use case.



  • Run situation .
  • with multiple tables.
Established in 2013 as a software consultancy company, Devaten has worked with finance and healthcare businesses to enhance their software development projects. Taking its offerings to the next level, Devaten built a leading use case-based database application monitoring tool, with a unique approach to performance improvement early during software development. Headquartered in Turku, Finland.

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