Collaborating with our clients to

                     solve their most critical issues

As the leader in use case-based database application monitoring, our consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. Our consultants bring deep, functional expertise, and are known for their holistic perspective. Rather than benchmarking overall database performance during set periods of time, we look at specific use cases to achieve performance improvement early during software development.

How We Help?

                     Health Check-ups

   Software performance   bottle  necks solving and  checking current situation of         performance and data architecture for enterprise corporation.

            Technology Solutions

Helps to desing resources if need to migrate old legacy system to cloud Eg data migration from onprem to cloud.

Process Automation & implementation

Analyse current processes and then suggest if there is something to improve.Implement & lead process changes.


                        Data Architecture

Data migrations, ETL processes DB design.

               DevOps Assessment.

Setup performance monitoring and analyse current software for Enterprise corporations

Read this guide to find out how you can use Devaten
as a plugin in NeoLoad.

Whether it’s a healthcare organisation, a bank or an insurance company, Devaten showcases its customer success stories and testimonials.

Some exciting news from EPO! Devaten gets a coveted European patent.