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Identify slow-moving queries quickly and easily.


Regarding query execution and database performance, MySQL displays countless useful indicators and statistics. The devaten Agent connects to MySQL periodically to collect those metrics, queries for the most recent values, and reports them to devaten for graphing and alerting.The MySQL  gives database administration framework with questioning and network capabilities, as well as the capacity to have great information structure and integration with numerous diverse stages. It can handle expansive databases dependably and rapidly in high-demanding generation situations.

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  • MySQL works with an productive speed. This tall speed can boost the sum of information recovery. It can provide clients a quick and compelling implies to getchange, or store information.
  • With MySQL, you’ll appreciate on demand adaptability. This  will empower you to encourage the more profound management of your database additionally track each information administration and changes in your commerce data. With these exceedingly coordinates computer concepts, you’ll presently total customization of your commerce with interesting database server prerequisites.
Database Stats 

Increase App Reliability & Team Collaboration

  • The execution construction stores execution measurements almost person SQL articulations, instead of the outline insights of the server status factors. The execution pattern comprises database tables that can be questioned like all other.
  • Expand your team’s access to query metrics without providing explicit database access to every user.
  • Keep sensitive data secure with automatic obfuscation of PII in explain plans and query metrics.
  • Scale DBM usage with your needs and manage a large number of databases securely.
Devaten Edit Query

Any query you have written for the monitoring server or an ODBC-compliant database can be edited. You may want to alter a query to include a filter that prevents extraneous data from clogging the display and slowing the data return.

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Monitoring That is straightforward to deploy and hassle-free to manage.

  • Track tens of thousands of infrastructure metrics out-of-the-box
  • Deploy and start monitoring without any need for professional services or extensive training
  • Promote adoption across your organization with our intuitive user interface that requires no query language and can be used by anyone
Table Information

We don’t require any user credentials or permissions in order to access a database’s tables’ information. The term “table information table” refers to examining the table structure. To obtain a description of the data, we can utilise a variety of examples with a range of applications. As you read the article, you’ll understand this.