• Updated On : 31, December 2019
  • Last Version : 3.0.0
  • Copyright : Devaten
  • Developed BY Devaten

We participated in ATR Soft’s large-scaled development project. We were responsible for the data migrations and performance consultant in the project and worked as a DB-expert role. Devaten responsibility has been data migrations and he has been working on DB2-expert role.

Dashboard Database Statistics

As your database type you get your usecase by recording them and those usecases are shown on the dashboard page as Database Statistics tables & Database Usecase details. Below you can see Statistics table.

Dashboard Usecase Details

If user is interested to see the details of a particular use case then click on specific use case row user will redirect to Graph page to display the last 7 execution of that use case.

  • Indicator
  • Missing Index
  • Usecase Identifier
  • Baseline